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Xaraya Quickstart - Upgrading Xaraya

Author: jojodee Posted: February 22, 2006

Upgrading Xaraya is usually a smooth process. It is handled in part by the Xaraya Upgrade script. However the upgrade script generally only upgrades your database for new changes. It does not prepare your site theme, custom templates, or the files on your server. This document provides a general guide but you should review requirements for your own site AND the specific version upgrade needs.

  1. Check the version changes
  2. Prepare custom themes and templates
  3. Prepare site files for upgrade
  4. Upgrade your site
  5. Common Upgrade Problems
  6. Specific version upgrade details
    1. Upgrade to Xaraya 1.1.x

1. Check the version changes

The Upgrade script only updates your database. You must check for specific version changes that might affect:

  1. You theme and custom templates - there may be BL tag, block, module or other changes that require you to make changes in custom template or themes
  2. Your config.system.php file - you may need to check the new version one and update your existing one accordingly
  3. Other elements such as permissions, blocks or menus that might require updating on your site
  4. Any new or changed modules that are required in your installation
Check the specific upgrade requirements and preparations for your upgrade NOW. Make a list of items you need to consider for your upgrade.

2. Prepare custom themes and templates

If there are specific changes you need to make to your theme or custom templates for the upgrade, make sure you do these in a COPY of your existing site theme and templates.

You may wish to test your adjusted theme locally or on a staging site/server prior to upgrade of your live site on a clean install of the new Xaraya version. Even better is to setup a test site using a database dump from your existing live website and trial an upgrade of this with the new version Xaraya and your adjusted theme.

3. Prepare site files for upgrade

A. Backup and prepare existing files

  1. If you allow user registration on your site, lock your site to ensure users do not log in and change content during the backup period or other possible times during upgrade.

  2. Backup your existing Xaraya database!

  3. Backup your existing Xaraya files, especially the <xarroot>/theme directory and <xarroot>/var directory!
    This backup will include your site theme, and any custom content you may have created for your Xaraya site in <xarroot>/var/ sub-directory.

  4. Prior to adding new Xaraya version files, ensure you protect any custom content or themes you have in <xarroot>/var/ subdirectories and <xarroot>/themes/

  5. The existing <xarroot>/var/config.system.php must be retained so protect this. However, you should check for any changes in config.system.php.dist and update your existing config.system.php file as necessary.

  6. If you have not done so already, log in to your existing Xaraya site with administration rights and your site is working

B. Replace and update old files with new

  1. Replace all existing Xaraya files, directories, and modules with the new Xaraya files EXCEPT the following:
    • <xarroot>/var/config.system.php
    • files below the var directory which may contain data from your site (typically for uploads, workflow processes, images etc)
    • Your custom theme(s)
    • With "replacing" we mean DELETE all old files and copy the new ones in. Do not overwrite the old files with the new ones. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  2. Check permissions and ownership of the new files. Especially, ensure that <xarroot>/var/config.system.php has appropriate permissions. For security ensure it is read only.

  3. Make sure you have cleared all your cache files in <xarroot>/var/cache/templates and <xarroot>/var/cache/rss

  4. If you have made adjustments to your theme or custom templates, make sure this adjusted theme is loaded.

  5. In the browser window where you are logged in as Administrator, point your browser to upgrade.php in your root directory and run this script. For example, http://www.mywebsite.com/upgrade.php.

  6. Read and follow the instructions in the upgrade script carefully and note any warnings.

  7. After the upgrade script has completed, remove upgrade.php and install.php from your web directory

4. Upgrade your site

  1. Go to Admin->Modules->View All. Upgrade all required modules that are showing the status of UPGRADE. Remember to Activate them after upgrade if required.
  2. Go to Blocks->View Instances and remove the Reminder block
  3. Clear your xarCacheManager output cache files if you use xarCacheManager
  4. Install any new modules you may require on your site
  5. If you allow registered users on your site, unblock your site if you have not done so already
Check the COMMON UPGRADE PROBLEMS if you are experiencing upgrade difficulties.

5. Common upgrade problems

  • If you are getting errors after upgrade, clear your template and rss cache files (and adodb if relevant). Clear your xarCacheManager output cache if you have the module installed.
  • If you are having difficulty accessing a module, check to see if it needs upgrading, and also ensure it is activated if required
  • If you are using a default theme, ensure it is active and also does not need upgrading
  • The <xarroot>var/cache/rss and <xarroot>/var/cache/templates directories need to be writable and executable

6. Specific version upgrades

Upgrade to Xaraya 1.1.x

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