Xaraya M.C. Cortez 
Request for Comments: 0052 Xaraya Development Group 
Category: Experimental May 2004 

RFC-0052: Dynamic Data Property Types

Status of this Memo

This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Xaraya community. It does not specify a Xaraya standard of any kind. Discussion and suggestions for improvement are requested. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

Copyright © The Digital Development Foundation (2004). All Rights Reserved.


This RFC extends RFC 0007 - Modularized User Data [1], by providing specific instructions on how Dynamic Data Property Types are added to the system, how to create new ones, and provides documentation on all the properties provided by the Xaraya Core Distribuation.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Every RFC contains at least the following sections:

2. The Property Master Class

The Dynamic Data Module provides a base Property Class that all Properties extend, "Dynamic_Property". The Dynamic_Property class is located within /modules/dynamicdata/class/properties.php <Link to PHPDoc for Dynamic Property Class>

The Dynamic_Property classes consists of the following base functions that may be overidden:

3. Creating a new Property

You must overide the getBasePropertyInfo() method to return an array consisting of data values specific to your property, specifically:

4. The Property Loading Mechanism

The Dynamic_Property_Master will scan the Xaraya file system and automatically load properties into the system, to be made available to site administrators while configuring Xaraya objects. The Dynamic_Property_Master will verify that the specified dependancies and required modules specified by each property's getBasePropertyInfo() method are present and available prior to adding the property to the list of available properties.

5. Revision history

0.0 - Initial Draft Version

6. Reference title

[1]Xaraya Development Group, “Modularized User Data - RFC 0007”, 2002.

Author's Address

Michael CortezXaraya Development GroupEMail: URI: http://EpicSaga.com

A. Xaraya Core Property Types

A.1 Affero

A.1.1 Description

A.1.2 Arguments

A.1.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.1.4 Requirements


A.2.1 Description

A.2.2 Arguments

A.2.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.2.4 Requirements

A.3 Calendar

A.3.1 Description

A.3.2 Arguments

A.3.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.3.4 Requirements

A.4 Checkbox

A.4.1 Description

A.4.2 Arguments

A.4.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.4.4 Requirements

A.5 CountryAbbrList

A.5.1 Description

A.5.2 Arguments

A.5.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.5.4 Requirements

A.6 CountryList

A.6.1 Description

A.6.2 Arguments

A.6.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.6.4 Requirements

A.7 DataSource

A.7.1 Description

A.7.2 Arguments

A.7.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.7.4 Requirements

A.8 DateFormat

A.8.1 Description

A.8.2 Arguments

A.8.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.8.4 Requirements

A.9 Email

A.9.1 Description

A.9.2 Arguments

A.9.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.9.4 Requirements

A.10 FieldStatus

A.10.1 Description

A.10.2 Arguments

A.10.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.10.4 Requirements

A.11 FieldType

A.11.1 Description

A.11.2 Arguments

A.11.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.11.4 Requirements

A.12 FileUpload

A.12.1 Description

A.12.2 Arguments

A.12.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.12.4 Requirements

A.13 FloatBox

A.13.1 Description

A.13.2 Arguments

A.13.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.13.4 Requirements

A.14 GroupList

A.14.1 Description

A.14.2 Arguments

A.14.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.14.4 Requirements

A.15 Hardcore

A.15.1 Description

A.15.2 Arguments

A.15.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.15.4 Requirements

A.16 Hidden

A.16.1 Description

A.16.2 Arguments

A.16.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.16.4 Requirements

A.17 HTMLArea

A.17.1 Description

A.17.2 Arguments

A.17.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.17.4 Requirements

A.18 HTMLPage

A.18.1 Description

A.18.2 Arguments

A.18.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.18.4 Requirements

A.19 ICQ

A.19.1 Description

A.19.2 Arguments

A.19.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.19.4 Requirements

A.20 ImageList

A.20.1 Description

A.20.2 Arguments

A.20.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.20.4 Requirements

A.21 Image

A.21.1 Description

A.21.2 Arguments

A.21.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.21.4 Requirements

A.22 ItemID

A.22.1 Description

A.22.2 Arguments

A.22.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.22.4 Requirements

A.23 ItemType

A.23.1 Description

A.23.2 Arguments

A.23.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.23.4 Requirements

A.24 LanguageList

A.24.1 Description

A.24.2 Arguments

A.24.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.24.4 Requirements

A.25 Module

A.25.1 Description

A.25.2 Arguments

A.25.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.25.4 Requirements

A.26 MSN

A.26.1 Description

A.26.2 Arguments

A.26.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.26.4 Requirements

A.27 MultiSelect

A.27.1 Description

A.27.2 Arguments

A.27.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.27.4 Requirements

A.28 NumberBox

A.28.1 Description

A.28.2 Arguments

A.28.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.28.4 Requirements

A.29 NumberList

A.29.1 Description

A.29.2 Arguments

A.29.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.29.4 Requirements

A.30 Object

A.30.1 Description

A.30.2 Arguments

A.30.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.30.4 Requirements

A.31 PassBox

A.31.1 Description

A.31.2 Arguments

A.31.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.31.4 Requirements

A.32 PayPalCart

A.32.1 Description

A.32.2 Arguments

A.32.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.32.4 Requirements

A.33 PayPalDonate

A.33.1 Description

A.33.2 Arguments

A.33.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.33.4 Requirements

A.34 PayPalNow

A.34.1 Description

A.34.2 Arguments

A.34.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.34.4 Requirements

A.35 PayPalSubscription

A.35.1 Description

A.35.2 Arguments

A.35.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.35.4 Requirements

A.36 RadioButtons

A.36.1 Description

A.36.2 Arguments

A.36.3 Validation/Configuration Options

You may specify the Values and Labels to be displayed in the list of Radio Buttons via the Validation field. The way to specify the Values and Labels:

A.36.4 Requirements

A.37 Select

A.37.1 Description

By default provides a drop down list of options for the user to select from.

A.37.2 Arguments


A.37.3 Validation/Configuration Options

You may specify the Values and Labels to be displayed in the drop down box via the Validation field. There are 4 ways to specify the Values and Labels:

A.37.4 Requirements


A.38 SendToFriend

A.38.1 Description

A.38.2 Arguments

A.38.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.38.4 Requirements

A.39 StateList

A.39.1 Description

A.39.2 Arguments

A.39.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.39.4 Requirements

A.40 StateProvinceList

A.40.1 Description

A.40.2 Arguments

A.40.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.40.4 Requirements

A.41 StaticText

A.41.1 Description

A.41.2 Arguments

A.41.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.41.4 Requirements

A.42 Status

A.42.1 Description

A.42.2 Arguments

A.42.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.42.4 Requirements

A.43 TColorPicker

A.43.1 Description

A.43.2 Arguments

A.43.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.43.4 Requirements

A.44 TextArea

A.44.1 Description

A.44.2 Arguments

A.44.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.44.4 Requirements

A.45 TextBox

A.45.1 Description

A.45.2 Arguments

A.45.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.45.4 Requirements

A.46 TextUpload

A.46.1 Description

A.46.2 Arguments

A.46.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.46.4 Requirements

A.47 TimeZone

A.47.1 Description

A.47.2 Arguments

A.47.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.47.4 Requirements

A.48 Upload

A.48.1 Description

A.48.2 Arguments

A.48.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.48.4 Requirements

A.49 URLIcon

A.49.1 Description

A.49.2 Arguments

A.49.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.49.4 Requirements

A.50 URLTitle

A.50.1 Description

A.50.2 Arguments

A.50.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.50.4 Requirements

A.51 URL

A.51.1 Description

A.51.2 Arguments

A.51.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.51.4 Requirements

A.52 UserList

A.52.1 Description

A.52.2 Arguments

A.52.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.52.4 Requirements

A.53 Username

A.53.1 Description

A.53.2 Arguments

A.53.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.53.4 Requirements

A.54 Yahoo

A.54.1 Description

A.54.2 Arguments

A.54.3 Validation/Configuration Options

A.54.4 Requirements

Intellectual Property Statement

The DDF takes no position regarding the validity or scope of any Intellectual Property Rights or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use of the technology described in this document or the extent to which any license under such rights might or might not be available; nor does it represent that it has made any independent effort to identify any such rights. Information on the DDF's procedures with respect to rights in standards-track and standards-related documentation can be found in RFC-0.

The DDF invites any interested party to bring to its attention any copyrights, patents or patent applications, or other proprietary rights which may cover technology that may be required to practice this standard. Please address the information to the DDF Board of Directors.


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